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Before and after 10 private Bowspring classes

One-on-one teachings, online

Your body is smart, cooperative and adaptable. -But modern life can be tough for a body designed to move more divers than most of us do. It simply wears on the body not to move strongly, connected and varied.


The Bowspring method offers the body an effective recovery plan, back to a strong, harmoniously toned body, with a built-in "readiness".


A body with less soreness and pain. A body with greater freedom of movement, in short, a happier body.


It is not enough that we move. We must move intelligently and in a way so that nourishment is pumped out into even the farthest corners, so that all parts of the body are kept vital and healthy and so that all parts of the body work holistically together.


A one-hour class or a series of classes is a good investment if you want to optimize your body habits, completely tailored to you.  




1 x 60 Min. 80 Euro


5 x 60 Min. 375 Euro


10 x 60 Min. 650 Euro